faulty bicycle hurt my son

3 Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

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If you have recently been injured, and it was no fault of your own, you will need to consider how a personal injury lawyer might be able to help you. Simply take a few moments to review the following ways a lawyer might be the help you need and then decide if it is time to make that phone call. Gathers All Information for You It is important to make sure that your case is being built in the best way possible before it is presented to a judge. Read More»

At Fault Or Not At Fault: That Is The Question For Your Car Accident Lawyer To Resolve

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Car accidents in Canada are tricky things, because not every province has the same set of Fault Determination Rules. All of the provinces assign some fault to each driver in the accident, or no fault at all if someone was an innocent bystander or his/her car just happened to be in the line of fire. Police do not determine who is at fault, but they do provide the facts such that an insurance agent or tribunal can make that call. Read More»